Our courses have been developed from questions and needs that arose from the A Beautiful Mess blog audience over the past ten years. We've found that developing courses is a great way for us to expand on many of the areas that we get SO many questions in (like growing a blog, or improving your photography). Our goal is to break down these subjects into easy, manageable lessons taught through text, photos, and videos, so that you can grow, be challenge, and get to that next level!

Our team of teachers are incredibly talented and experienced. They have created thousands of pieces of content, worked with top brands, and combined they have over 1 million social media followers. Whether you need help with DIY techniques, blogging, crafting, business, or photography our classes pair you with the greatest resources we can find. And not only are all our teachers great resources of information but they also embody the ABM spirit of teaching with love, creativity, and passion. We hope it feels like taking a course from a dear friend so there is no need to be intimidated. We are all rooting for you to succeed!

Meet the team of teachers!

Jeremy Larson

Jeremy is a recording artist and producer who creates music under the name Violents. He is also a videographer for A Beautiful Mess.

John + Sherry Petersik

John and Sherry host their own podcast, Young House Love Has a Podcast, which is the #1 DIY show on iTunes and has over 7 million downloads.

Elsie Larson

Elsie founded  A Beautiful Mess in 2007, and she is currently the Creative Director, overseeing the look and feel of A Beautiful Mess’s online content as well as Oui Fresh, which is their product brand. She is also the co-founder and owner of A Color Story, an app company whose applications have seen over 10 million downloads and are regularly featured by Apple. Elsie is an expert on blogging, branding, and social media. She is based in Nashville, TN.

Emma Chapman

Emma is co-owner of A Beautiful Mess and it’s product brand, Oui Fresh. She oversees the business side of the company as well as creating content for it’s channels, mainly focused on food. She is also the co-founder and owner of A Color Story, an app company whose applications have seen over 10 million downloads and are regularly featured by Apple. Emma is an expert on business, blogging, and photography. She is based in Springfield, MO.

Rachel Denbow

Rachel has been writing, creating, and teaching for nearly a decade. She is the author of DIY Woven Art, as well as numerous project tutorials (many of which have gone viral) on A Beautiful Mess. She is a constant source of creative inspiration to us as well as an expert in crafting, sewing, and photography. Rachel is based in Springfield, MO.

Janae Hardy

Janae holds a Fine Arts Degree in Photography from Missouri State University. She has worked for years as a freelance and wedding photographer. She also has an eye for interior design and she is the photographer behind the book, Happy Handmade Home. Janae is an expert in photography and an incredibly talented and empathic teacher—you’re gonna love learning from her! Janae is based in Springfield, MO with her husband and three beautiful children.

Sarah Rhodes

Sarah is commercial photographer with a diverse portfolio of clients including bands, brands, authors, families, and wedding clients as well. She previously worked at A Beautiful Mess as the head photographer and she still contributes work to the photo editing app, A Color Story. Sarah is an expert at photography, Photoshop, as well as Lightroom. She currently lives in Phoenix and flips houses with her husband Josh.

Lindsay Edgecombe

Lindsay graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude from Barnard College, Columbia University where she edited The Columbia Review. She is currently a literary agent at the Levine|Greenberg|Rostan literary agency where she has represented many authors in a variety of genres (read more here) including all three books from A Beautiful Mess. She is both an insider and expert in the publishing world and her course on how to write and pitch a book proposal is invaluable. Lindsay is based in New York, NY.

Promise Tangeman-Wurzell

Promise is a a Graphic Designer, Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, Style Curator, Art Director and the Owner of Go Live. She shares a lot of her design expertise in our course Blog (Design) Love 2.0 for anyone looking to design their own website. She also blogs and is based in southern California.

Elise Blaha Cripe

Elise is a small business owner and blogger. Like most online small business owners (blogger or otherwise) she took some html lessons she had received while finishing her (business) degree and educated herself on the basics of website development and coding. She teaches these skills in one of our best selling courses, Blog (Design) Love 2.0. Elise also hosts a podcast, makes and sells rad planners, and she is based in San Diego, CA with her husband and two daughters.