Use our proven strategies to make blogging a full time career.

Blogging is alive and well and in our world today the possibilities are limitless. The runway is open for those who want to successfully make money online living a life that others simply daydream about. 

When friends ask us for advice on whether they should start a blog, here’s what we tell them:

If you are someone who loves to write, take photos, and share like you are most likely doing already, a blog can be a great way for you to expand on what you’re already doing and make money online.

You might be thinking, “isn’t it too late to start a blog?”

We say, “Hell No!” The timing has never been better!

In fact, it’s easier to make money blogging than ever before.

When we first started blogging and our stats were skyrocketing, it was still so difficult for us to make a basic income on our work. Ten years later, things have REALLY changed. Major brands have ample budgets set aside specifically for bloggers. (And we’ll show you exactly how we pitch to brands for sponsorships and campaigns!) Plus there are many ways to monetize a blog without ever pursuing sponsorships, and we’ll teach you that too!

It is definitely not too late and you have not missed your shot! 

Here’s What You’ll Get On The Inside:

  • A guided dreaming session to plan out the purpose of your blog (plus a fun worksheet to go along with it!)

  • The rules we follow for writing, photography, and video (plus a bonus lesson how how we shoot our flat lay pics)

  • Brainstorming tricks so you never run out of ideas

  • A bonus deep dive into setting up and optimizing a blog on WordPress (what we use!) 

  • The key things to think about when it comes to how readers will navigate your blog 

  • A peek behind the curtain of how we make money from our content at A Beautiful Mess

  • The scoop on how to put together a media kit for when you are ready to work with sponsors

This course was more of a how-to guide on “so, you started a blog, here is how you actually can make a living off it,” which I really love and have been looking for.

Jennifer H.

A high quality blog post can continue earning views and revenue for years to come.

The lifespan of a blog post is much longer than social media, thanks to Google searches and Pinterest. 

A blog post is simply less disposable than social media. Additionally blogging often offers more real estate, meaning there is more room for multiple photos, videos, text, and links all in one place that isn’t going to disappear quickly.

And a lot of brands realize this, they want to work with bloggers!

Unlike social media platforms, which could be sold, deleted, or changed without your consent, your website is truly your online home where you have much more control and choice.

This is a huge advantage and why we recommend every online presence have a website.

What’s Inside This Course?

We designed this course so that you can move through it at your own pace, totally in control of when you finish the course and what you want to focus on at the moment.

Lesson 1: What is my blog? 

When it comes to blogging, clarity, and shareability can not be overlooked.

This is where we’ll spend time defining your overall blog category and niche.

We’ve even created a handy printable worksheet for you to download and fill out to really help you narrow down your blog topics and goals.

Lesson 2: Creating Blog Posts

This lesson will help you understand what all goes into a quality blog post – writing, photography, layout, etc.

Use our tips on how we layout blog posts and how to make your photography pop!

Lesson 3: Content is Queen 

We couldn’t skip a lesson on content!

Your content is what readers will consume and share, and having an archive of clickable content is goal number one when it comes to blogging.

We’ll show you our social media strategy for sharing our content, too! And we’re tackling one of the questions we get asked most often from new bloggers  – “how often should I post?”

Lesson 4: Design & User Experience

This lesson will help you think like your reader and plan like a pro!

When it comes to the user experience and design of your websites, there is a lot to consider.

We want to make it as easy as possible for readers to navigate through your site.

We’ll also tackle Google Analytics and teach you how tracking your data impacts your overall blog design and user experience.

Lesson 5: Monetizing Your Content

If you’ve ever wondered how people actually make money from their blogs, this is the lesson to be excited about.

We’ll teach you how bloggers use different types of monetization options and how you can get started.

Oh and a side note, you do not have to have a huge following in order to monetize your work. 

Lesson 6: Sponsorships & Collaborations

This is the lesson where we show you how we pitch to brands.

We’ll show you how to make a media kit, write proposals, research, and approach brands.

When you have a system for pitching yourself, you’ll be so surprised at how easy it will be for you to reach out to work together! You will impress yourself! 

Along with these 6 lessons, you’ll get 5 BONUS Lessons to dig into!

Blog Essentials is the How-To Guide you need to get started and make actual money from your blog. It’s practical, helpful, and gets your brain
spinning with ideas! 

When you sign up for the course, you’ll have immediate lifetime access to the lessons.

Go through the course and bonuses at your own pace.

You’ll also have access to any updates we make so you’ll always be on top of your blog game!

We even include downloadable PDFs of the lessons so that you can always have the info either printed out in a fun binder or saved on your computer. 

“Emma speaks from years of blog experience […] if you’re thinking of starting a blog or feeling a little blog jaded, then Emma’s course may just give you the boost you need.”

Jo S.

This course is for anyone who is ready to get serious about creating their own career on their terms.

Document your life, thoughts, ideas, and share them with the world. There is definitely a niche (fancy word for a group of people interested in a specific thing) waiting to hear from you.

This Sounds great! What does the course cost?

When you enroll for Blog Essentials you’ll get instant and lifetime access to all 6 lessons plus 5 bonuses for only $294.

Hi! We’re Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.

Sisters and business partners who run the popular lifestyle blog, A Beautiful Mess.

A Beautiful Mess has been a fixture in the blogging world for over a decade and sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because it doesn’t feel real. 

We took a just-for-fun blog and transformed it into a
a 7-figure lifestyle website that consistently sees over a million page views per month. We write and share about topics that are important and enjoyable to us, but also pique the interest of readers from all over the world. 

We are full-time Bloggers and spent the last few years really honing our craft when it comes to creating content people want to see and sponsors want to work with. 

While we have definitely experienced our own highs and lows, we’ve figured out a formula that works. (Take it from us, there is definitely a wrong way to approach blogging and we don’t want that for you…)

We are here to help you get started on a new blog or revive an old dream of blogging and set you up for success.

We’ve filled this course with our best tips and tricks when it comes to brainstorming, planning, writing, batch working, along with a tangible and practical game plan for earning money from your blog. 

At the end of the day, our desire is to help you get your voice out in the world! If we can help you do that and save you time and frustration, that will be the icing on the cake!

There’s one more thing we want to tell you:

We are offering a special exclusive deal just for you!  We want to support you in the very best way we can. We wish that we could sit down over coffee and tell you all of this information face to face, but digital is going to have to do! 

Not only have we compiled our best insight and wisdom about blogging into a course, but we’ve also created courses on Instagram (Elevate Your Instagram) and Podcasting (Launch a Podcast). We believe these courses will help you grow your blog and expand your readership. 

And we are happy to offer you a very special limited-time offer deal. Read on below!

And we are happy to offer you a very special limited-time offer deal. Read on below!

Blog Essentials

Elevate Your Instagram

Launch a Podcast

For a limited time, we are offering a special bundle where you can receive all 3 courses for only $500!

We’re also going to throw in, for FREE, our course on starting your own small business, Start Small Dream Big. A $70 value as our gift to you.

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We are here to support you on your blogging journey. We can’t wait to see what you create!

XO Elsie & Emma