Learn To Develop, Record, And Grow Your Own Show

If you have the inkling of an idea that you want to create your own podcast, today is the day! Now is the time to start and we have the action plan to get you going. 

Take all of those thoughts and ideas that swirl around your brain and share them with the world! It’s never been easier to get your message out into the airwaves.

Podcasting is exploding! More people than ever are following and subscribing to shows ranging in almost every category imaginable. 

Hi! We’re Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.

Sisters and business partners who run the popular lifestyle blog, A Beautiful Mess. A Beautiful Mess has been a fixture in the blogging world for over a decade and sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because it doesn’t feel real. 

We took a just-for-fun blog and transformed it into a 7-figure lifestyle blog that consistently brings in over a million page views per month. We write and share about topics that are important and enjoyable to us, but also pique the interest of thousands of readers each month from all over the world. 

We are full-time Content Creators and Podcasting is now part of our recurring revenue. Over the last couple of years, we’ve worked really hard to figure out how to create content that people like and sponsors want to pay for. 

While we have definitely experienced our own highs and lows when it comes to podcasting, we’ve figured out a process that works. (Take it from us, there is definitely a wrong way to approach monetizing your podcast and we don’t want that for you…)

We are here to help you get started and set you up for success.

In this course, you’re getting a tag team of podcasting expertise from us and John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love. This course is packed with all the information you could ever need when it comes to creating your own podcast, editing audio, and attracting sponsors for your show. 

At the end of the day, our desire is to help you get your unique voice and perspective out in the world! If we can help you do that and save you time and frustration, that will be the icing on the cake! 

True story. Emma tried to get me on board with starting a podcast years ago. She would bring it up in almost every meeting, but I was skeptical.

I roadblocked myself by thinking that what we do at A Beautiful Mess would not translate into an audio experience. I didn’t want to waste our time on a platform that wouldn’t work for us.

I’ve never been happier to admit that I was wrong.

What got me to change my mind was partnering up with John and Sherry of Young House Love. I started listening to their podcast and I must’ve binge listened to 30 episodes. I felt a real connection to them after listening to their show and I wanted our A Beautiful Mess readers to have that same kind of connection with us. And just like that, I was ready to start working on our podcast! 

Emma was shocked when I told her I was ready! 

As always, I should’ve listened to her because she was absolutely right. I look forward to recording our episodes and we’ve uncovered a beneficial way to serve our audience. With podcasting, the potential for deep connection to your audience is unlimited and the reach for new listeners is incredible. 

People are searching for shows in every category. Listeners are looking to podcasts to learn and be entertained.  It’s truly an exciting time as people are changing the way they consume their information and where they consume information. 

If I could go back in time, I would’ve started as soon as Emma suggested it!

This course is designed to teach anyone how to create their own podcast.

Even if your only experience so far is listening to podcasts, this course will help you make the leap to actually launching your own. 

The lessons are full of in-depth information and practical tips to help you pick your format and plan content—and there is a deep dive into how to promote your show using strong titles, cover art, and more. 

You will walk through the basics of recording, editing, and publishing your episodes, including how to better engage and grow your audience.

Plus, how to monetize by attracting potential sponsors.

And there are no pre-requisites!

You do not have to be an audio engineer or know the first thing about the technical side of recording. We’ll show you how to do it all!

Here’s What You’ll Get On The Inside:

  • Easy to follow exercises to determine the format of your podcast.

  • A look at how to write a show outline plus how to generate new ideas for episodes.

  • Advice on picking a name and cover art that are true to you.

  • A list of exactly what you need to get started (Hint – you don’t have to have a ton of expensive equipment!)

  • A crash course on how to edit your audio and sound like a pro (even if you have zero experience in audio).

  • The best methods for writing strong titles and show notes that leave the listener wanting more.

  • Tips for growing your audience (that actually work!)

  • A guide for hosting and recording killer interviews with your guests.

  • How to attract sponsors for your show (i.e. how to make money in podcasting)

  • Where to find quality music for your show’s introduction (don’t skip out on adding music to your show!)

What’s Inside This Course?

Lesson 1: Introduction to Podcasting

In this lesson we’ll go through an overview of Podcasting, what is it, and how to best use this course.

Lesson 2: Choosing a Format

When we say “format,” we’re talking about the general structure or flow of each episode.

Is your show made up of one long interview with a guest? Is it you and a co-host casually chatting together? Is it just you relaying your own advice and stories?

Maybe it’s a combination of all of these things or something completely different!

It’s all about figuring out what works for you and your show and how to keep it flexible. 

Lesson 3: Planning the Content

What are you going to talk about on your podcast? Chances are you probably already have an answer to this question. Or maybe LOTS of answers.

But even if you already have a bunch of episode ideas swirling around in your head, there will inevitably be a day where you feel stumped about what your next podcast will be about.

So take some time upfront to set yourself up for long-term success by learning how to thoroughly brainstorm show ideas before you launch your podcast.

Lesson 4: Show Names + Cover Art

Your name (and your cover art, which is effectively your podcast’s logo) play a really important role in people discovering and listening to your podcast. 

So you know WHAT you’re going to talk about on your podcast and HOW you’re going to format it, but what are you going to call your show?

Lesson 5: Gear + Recording Basics

Well, if you’re reading this, you may technically have everything you need: a computer or smartphone with Internet access. 

Both have a built-in microphone, and the ability to upload to the Internet.

In this session, we’ll talk through a more realistic approach to get a quality-sounding podcast

Lesson 6: Editing + Uploading Episodes

This is where we’ll discuss how to edit what you’ve recorded and why good editing is critical to the success of your podcast.

Sure, editing is important because it’s the process through which you layer in your theme music, add a spoken introduction to the beginning of an interview, or even insert an advertisement. So yes, assembling the elements of your podcast is obviously a key role of editing. But editing is also the process through which you make your recording better.

Lesson 7: Titles, Descriptions, and Show Notes

Recording, editing, and uploading a new episode each week is, in a way, only half the battle.

It’s probably the harder and more time-intensive half, but what good is a great podcast episode if no one listens to it?

And getting ears on your episode means providing compelling reasons for people to tune in.

Lesson 8: Growing Your Audience

Podcasting is NOT one of those “if your build it, they will come” scenarios. Attracting and sustaining a listenership takes consistent, active work. And we’ll show you how it’s done.

Lesson 9: Interviewing 101

Interviews are a staple in the podcast world, whether they’re a one-on-one chat or a roundtable discussion, and even if you don’t plan to include them in your podcast, we’d recommend reading through this section anyway, because there are some other general skills discussed in here that can make any podcast better. 

Lesson 10: Recording Interviews

In this lesson, we’ll cover three different recording scenarios depending on where you’re interviewing your guest: in your home (or wherever you record your show), via a remote connection or call in, and on location.

Lesson 11: Attracting Sponsors

In this section, we’ll talk about how to court sponsors, how to craft your ads, and other ways to consider monetizing your show.

If you reach a good number of ears, it can definitely be worth it for a brand to partner with you on some podcast ads.

Podcasts have actually come a long way in recent years as a type of media that brands will spend money on.

Lesson 12: Finding Great Music

Yes, podcasts are mostly about talking and conversations, but podcasts—like TV shows or movies—can be made better by music.

Simply starting and ending your show with a short theme song can make your podcast seem more professional and be more enjoyable to listen to.

In this lesson, we’re going to focus on using existing music you can use on your show.

This course is absolutely packed with examples and real-life examples from our own experience with the A Beautiful Mess Podcast and John and Sherry Petersik’s wildly successful podcast, Young House Love. You are learning from actual experts and they are thorough, to say the least.

If you’ve ever had a great idea for a podcast, but just weren’t sure how to bring your idea to life, this is the course you need to take.

When you sign up for the course, you’ll have immediate lifetime access to the lessons. There is also access to a private Q+A board.

Go through the course and worksheets at your own pace.

You’ll also have access to any updates we make so you’ll always be on top of your Insta game!

We even include downloadable PDFs of the lessons so that you can always have the info either printed out in a fun binder or saved on your computer. 

“My co host and I have worked through the course material together and it helped gel our expectations. Your course was comprehensive and succinct, a great resource, thank you!”

— -Melissa Barnett, co-host of the upcoming Infamous Gems podcast

This course is for anyone who is ready to get their podcast out into the world. It’s a treasure trove of the vital information you need to start well.

Whatever your interests. Whatever your expertise. There is definitely a niche (fancy word for a group of people interested in a specific thing) waiting to hear from you. The podcast world is full of beautiful possibilities!

This Sounds great! What does the course cost?

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XO Elsie & Emma