Blog Essentials

$ 294.00

Take your blog to the next level.


What will I learn in this course?

You'll learn to:

- Hone in on the goal of your blog.
- Write blog posts like a pro, with tips on photo/video.
- Have ideas for any kind of post you would ever want to write.
- Amplify your posts via social media and email newsletters.
- Know exactly when and what to post.
- Design a blog/create the perfect user experience.
- Monetize your content!

What will I get with my purchase?

- Immediate access to the course through your account
- Six lessons
- Four bonus guides
- Printer-friendly PDFs for each lesson
- The A Beautiful Mess Media Kit for reference

What students are saying about the course

"Wow! There's so much more to blogging than just blogging. I've taken a lot of courses on blogging over the years, and they all have been pretty basic, only focusing on how to write a blogpost, structure, setting up a blog and so on. This course was more of a how-to guide on "so, you started a blog, here is how you actually can make a living off it" which I really love and have been looking for." — Jennifer H.

"As a fairly new blogger (as of a few weeks ago!), I love that this course is broken down into phases so I can come back and learn new things as my blog grows. Each section describes the topics in a very clear and concise way, which makes it easy for the reader to follow along and take notes for their blog. I particularly loved the social media plan since I've been overwhelmed about this portion of blogging - this really made me feel like I could do everything if I just follow the plan! It also felt refreshing to read about the mistakes they made when starting their blog and how this is totally normal, that really made me feel like I should just go for it and try new things, at least the first little while. Overall, taking this course has prepared me with the tools to create a blog that I'm truly proud of!" — Sydney B.

"As a blogger, being fresh and interesting is a challenge. Emma’s Blog essentials course is a little slice of inspiration for any new blogger or someone like me who wanted to just feel that spark of creativity again. Emma speaks from years of blog experience on topics from choosing your blog name, thinking about blog design, writing blog posts, photography hints and tips and how to earn revenue from your blog. Her down to earth style of writing and insights into blog life are easily digestible and I worked through the course in an afternoon. [...] if you’re thinking of starting a blog or feeling a little blog jaded then Emma’s course may just give you the boost you need." — Jo S.