Launch a Podcast

$ 149.00

This course is designed to teach anyone how to create their own podcast. Even if your only experience so far is listening to podcasts, this course will help you make the leap to actually launching your own. The instructors will share in depth information and practical tips to help you hone your format and content—and even explain how to promote your show using strong titles, cover art, and more. They will walk you through the basics of recording, editing, and publishing your episodes, including how to better engage and grow your audience. Plus, how to monetize by attracting potential sponsors.

This course is taught by John and Sherry Petersik, Emma Chapman + Elsie Larson, as well as Jeremy Larson. John and Sherry are the creators of the show Young House Love Has a Podcast, which is the #1 Home/DIY podcast on iTunes with over 10 million downloads and growing. Emma and Elsie are the hosts of the A Beautiful Mess podcast. And Jeremy Larson is an accomplished musician and producer.

This course is go at your own pace. This means after purchase you will have immediate access to the entire course through your account. You can go through the course as quickly (or slowly) as you like. You will also be able to ask the teachers questions in the private course Q&A board as well as read other students questions and the answers. This course is available world-wide although the material is only offered in English.

What will I learn?

Here are all the lessons in this course:
1. Introduction to Podcasting
2. Choosing a Format
3. Planning the Content
4. Show Names + Cover Art
5. Gear and Recording Basics
6. Editing + Uploading Episodes
7. Titles, Descriptions, and Show Notes
8. Growing an Audience
9. Interviewing 101
10. Recording Interviews
11. Attracting Sponsors
12. How to Monetize (Beyond Sponsors)
13. Finding Great Music
Bonus - Creating Your Own Music with Splice (Video)

What do I get with my purchase?

-immediate access through your account
-13 lessons + a bonus video lesson
-access to a private Q&A board
-PDF of the entire course