Print + Organize Your Life

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This course is taught by Emma Chapman and brought to you by Canon USA. If you’re looking to get organized this is the course for you! This mini course has five easy to follow lessons that cover a wide range of areas in your home that may be in need of some systematic cleaning and decluttering. And the final lesson is all about the printing gear and accessories used throughout this course. There are tips, ideas, before and afters from Emma’s home, easy DIY projects, and eight printable downloads.

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What will I learn?

Here are the lessons in this course:

1. Organize Your Memories - Why & How
2. Organize Your Memories - Storage Ideas
3. Organize Your Office
4. Organize Your Kitchen & Bathroom
5 Organize Your Closet
6. Organization Printing Gear

DIY Projects include:
-Fabric Transfer Photo Albums
-Printable To-Do Notepads
-Printable Wall Calendar

What do I get with this course?

In addition to the lesson materials there are also 8 printable downloads:

1. Photo Album Labels
2. Desk & Office Labels
3. Agenda Labels
4. Printable Calendar pages
5. Printable Notepad pages
6. Bathroom Labels
7. Pantry Labels
8. Closet Labels

What supplies do I need with this course?

-internet access to view the course
-a quality printer to utilize the downloads
(lesson 6 will go over gear so if you do not yet have a printer you can learn what may work best for you there)