Okay, so you want to start a podcast. That’s amazing! Are you worried about what you’ll talk about? What equipment you’ll use? How will you get used to hearing your voice played back!?

We’ve got a course that covers all the basics, and more! Taught by Sherry and John Petersik of Young House Love Has a Podcast —  the #1 DIY show on iTunes that has over 7 million downloads! You’ll also be taught by Jeremy Larson, a recording artist and producer who creates music under the name Violents.

Launch a Podcast is designed to teach anyone how to create their own podcast. Even if your only experience so far is listening to podcasts, this course will help you make the leap to actually launching your own. The instructors will share in depth information and practical tips to help you hone your format and content—and even explain how to promote your show using strong titles, cover art, and more. They will walk you through the basics of recording, editing, and publishing your episodes, including how to better engage and grow your audience. Plus, how to monetize by attracting potential sponsors.

“This course help me improve my podcast in so many ways. I had already released two seasons of my podcast and thought I knew a ton about podcasting, but I learned so many new things from this course. From improving my sound quality 10x and setting up a killer sponsorship program using what I learned my podcast sounds better than ever and is much more organized and I’ve been able to connect with tons of sponsors and start my new program thanks to you guys.” — Lauren, Get Messy Art